Outlook IntegrateR1

Outlook IntegrateR1 is the Outlook integration with Act! that you’ve been looking for without relying on the problematic Act! address book. Outlook IntegrateR1 can record histories for messages received and sent, as well as create activities and contacts from messages.

ACT! and Office 2013 - Integrated

Outlook IntegrateR1

Outlook IntegrateR1 offers these additional features that do not come standard with Act!

  • Select More than One Act! Database to Attach E-mails
  • Select Additional Fields such as ID/Status, Which Can Be Mapped to Act! from an Outlook Message When Creating a New Contact
  • Integrates ACT! 2010, ACT! 2011, ACT! 2012 or ACT! 2013 and Office 2013 without Upgrading Every PC to Act! v17 in the Office

Additional Attachment Options

  • -“Exclude Certain Domains from Recorded Histories”– This allows you to avoid attaching emails to certain do mains. For example, if you do not want any emails attached to your co workers, you would check the box, and enter myworkdomain.com in the field.
  • Add additional header details
  • Flexible attachment options

Please note you must have Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 32 bit installed for the plug-in to work. This program does not work with Outlook Starter Edition, Outlook Web Access or Outlook "Start to Run" editions.


Price: $49.95


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