Mailchimp Plugin for Act!

Importing MailChimp Data and exporting Act! data

MailChimp Plug-in for Act! allows you to import contacts and campaign results from the MailChimp server, export contacts from Act! to MailChimp.
Campaign results are neatly organized under a MailChimp tab, automatically added to your Contact Detail view.

Don't want history records created? No problem!

Tired of these programs that create history records every time you do something in Act!? With MailChimp plug-in for Act!, You control whether you want MailChimp imports to create history records. You can create history records to show that the e-mail was sent, opened, bounced, but you don't have to. You have other ways of visualizing the same information, in a neater way.

A Wide Range of Lookup Options

The whole idea of importing campaign results is to offer you the ability to lookup those results. Who actually opened that campaign you run a couple of days ago? Whose e-mail bounces repeatedly? Who's not been contacted yet? You can find out in a couple of clicks.

MailChimp for Act! works with version Act! 2011+


Price: $99.00


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