Mondo Commands for Act!

Simplify Act! data entry with MondoCommands. MondoCommands places frequently used commands for Act! right on the toolbar so you no longer have to dig through pull down menus, recall keyboard commands or memorize where or when to find the right icon or menu choice. Download 14 Day Trial. Buy for $79.95/user

Benefits of MondoCommands include:

  • Automate Follow Up with One Button
  • Streamline Data Entry
  • Simplify Lookups
  • Learn Act! without looking through pull-down menus
  • Option: Dictate Your Notes Directly into Act! with Windows Speech Recognition or Dragon NaturallySpeaking and MondoCommands
  • Current Button List

Software Requirements

Demonstration - MondoCommands without Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Sample 2 - MondoCommands with Dragon Naturally Speaking


Price: $79.95


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